Hitherto unrevealed information in Thajudeen murder – 2nd exposure by ex-lankaleaks editor!

Hitherto unrevealed information in Thajudeen murder – 2nd exposure by ex-lankaleaks editor!

7 October 2015 08:43 am

We have been able to uncover many important information and evidence in connection with the death of Sri Lanka rugby team vice captain Mohamed Wasim Thajudeen.

The information include the evidence and statements given by three witnesses - two friends of Thajudeen and the girlfriend of one of them, and their close friendships with Rajapaksa family members Yoshitha, Namal, Rohitha and Shiranthi, and the perks and privileges given them by the Rajapaksas.

Thajudeen’s death takes place at midnight on 16 May 2012. However, police arrives at the scene at 12.55 am on May 17, according to the police report to the magistrate, which has been at public perusal through the media. Perusal of the report shows many contradictions, especially with regard to the persons cited as witnesses.

The key witnesses are Mohamed Zakir Badurdeen, Chaminda Jeyaprakash and Mariana Rashmi de Silva, said to be the latter’s girlfriend. Mariana’s evidence is very important to determine the place where the parties to the incident had consumed liquor and the connection between that location and the scene where Thajudeen’s body was found.

It is clear Narahenpita police had recorded evidence only on May 21.

According to Mariana, the two witnesses and Thajudeen had left the Anderson Place house around 11.00 pm. But, the two witnesses say they had left around 11.30 pm. Why is that contradiction?

According to their evidence, Thajudeen had first gone to Jeyaprakash’s home at no. 36, Galhena Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda and then to Badurdeen’s home at no. 15, Nihal Silva Mawatha, Kirulapone. Later, Thajudeen had left for his Murugan Place, Colombo 06 home.

They also say Mariana had left the Anderson Place home around 11.30 pm.

Data was obtained using google map about the times that are taken to reach each of these locations.

It would have taken 19 minutes during a traffic-free period for Thajudeen’s KQ-6543 car to first go from the Anderson Place home to Jeyaprakash’s home at no. 36, Galhena Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda. The shortest distance between the two locations is 6.6 km.

The relevant google map is given below:

Secondly, evidence says from Jeyaprakash’s home at no. 36, Galhena Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda, Thajudeen had gone to Badurdeen’s home at no. 15, Nihal Silva Mawatha, Kirulapone. That would have taken him 15 minutes. Anyone using the Gangodawila-Kirulapone stretch knows the number of traffic lights in that stretch. The distance between the two locations is five km.

The relevant google map is given below:

To cover the 1.6 km distance from Badurdeen’s home at no. 15, Nihal Silva Mawatha, Kirulapone to Thajudeen’s Murugan Place, Colombo 06 home via Highlevel Road, it would have taken between five to six minutes.

The relevant google map is given below:

The duration needed to cover all these distances is 39 minutes (19+15+5).

An important thing here is as to why Thajudeen had passed his Murugan Place, Colombo 06 home and went a further 1.5 km to Park Road. To pass Murugan Place and go to that location, it would have taken at least five more minutes. Accordingly, the duration would be 43 minutes (39+5). If two minutes are added for the friends to get down from the car and for the car to be turned back, the grand total would be 45 minutes (43+2).

The relevant google map is given below:

The investigating team should reveal as to why instead of going to his home, he had passed the road leading to his home and went a further 1.5 km to Park Road.

According to latest information received by us, that night, Soththi Upali’s son Sureka, who heads the unofficial bodyguards of the Rajapaksas, and his gang had spent the time at a house owned by Rashid Hameed, who supplied vehicles to Rajapaksas. They had been there between 11.00 pm and 11.30 pm, consuming liquor. This location has been revealed as no. 118, Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo 05. It is a three-storey house, and except for the third floor, the other two floors had been used for purposes of the Rajapakas, reports say.

A special source says another member of that gang, Ukkuwa, who had been killed in the Bloemendhal shooting during UNP electioneering, and his followers had ambushed Thajudeen from the Kirulapone-Colombo main road and killed him at Park Road.

Also, Sureka and his gang had used the Defender bearing no. WP KA-0642. In addition, they had used two special Defenders with powerful iron frames used by the Rajapaksa thugs to murder Kudu Lal in September 2014.

Go to the link below to see the similarity between how the vehicles of Kudu Lal and Thajudeen were crashed from both sides. (Experts are of the view how a vehicle is damaged on both sides in an accident)

[youtube height="360" width="560" align="left|right|none"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otxYzG9DTSU[/youtube]

Certain spies had tipped this gang off and acting on the tip-off, they had left the location. This has been confirmed by the statement given by the now-dead Ukkuwa.

Rashid Hameed and his wife Jihan Hameed, residents of no. 118, Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo 05, is a family that had received gratifications from the Rajapaksas for a long time, and still has a close friendship with them, information say. Rashid is an importer of BMW vehicles. And he has given two (black and silver) BMW-7 cars to Yoshitha. Also, he has given a silver colour BMW to Shiranthi and a blue colour one to Rohitha. Even now, the Rajapaksas use these BMWs, we stress.

If needed, ‘Yaha Paalana’ law enforcement authorities can check with CCTV footage and with the RMV.

Rashid’s businesses are - BAVARIAN MOTORS LTD 1993/8/1V34 - EXOTIC CARS LTD 1974/31V02

At the last general election, Yoshitha used no. 118, Isipathana Road, Colombo 05 as an election office to take suspicion off the place.

Rashid’s wife Jihan has had a very close relationship with Namal at one time. Through that, she got the opportunity to contest the Colombo municipal council election on no. 58. However, in order to avoid risks to her family under ‘Yaha Paalanaya’, Jihan is now having close friendships with Harin Fernando and Sujeewa Senasinghe.

Sureka is now said to be the head of the personal bodyguards of Mahinda Rajapaksa. These bodyguards are functioning under the supervision of the former defence secretary. This personal thug/security group is functioning together with state official Neville.

During the last general election, it was Sureka and his gang that had captured a Commando Regiment corporal along with a firearm at a propaganda rally in Kurunegala.

The best evidence regarding Thajudeen’s death can be obtained from the then traffic OIC of Kirulapone police, who conducted the first on-the-spot investigation. Is he in Sri Lanka? Is chief inspector Damien Perera who recorded the evidence, in Sri Lanka? Why was the investigation delayed? At whose influence no action was taken with regard to the contradictions in the evidence.

Considering the above facts, time has come to make these officers the key witnesses in this case. It is clear that there are contradictions in the evidence.

The investigators can obtain information from the above-mentioned persons and from the personal security guards of the Rajapaksas. We are of the view that justice should be done on account of this death without allowing it to be sold by politicians any further.

Note by former editor and co-owner of lankaleaks