Is there a doubt in Ven. Sobitha’s death?
A controversy has been erupted within the government sources about the death of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha.
Significant attention has been focused suspecting many incidents causing his deaths and reports reveal that is Ven. Sobitha’s death was a result of a conspiracy launched against his involvement of bringing the Good Governance and establishing the current government and the decisive commitment he had to defeat the former Rajapaksa regime. 
Reports further stress that Ven. Gangodawila Soma thero too suffered the same fate and the current government should not give space for such an inequity to happen to Ven. Sobitha. Therefore an impartial investigation should be conducted regarding this. 
Doubtful incidents have been reported about the death of Ven. Sobitha.
Back Pain
Ven. Sobitha was suffering from diabetes and other minor ailments from a long time. Hope you can remember there were news reported it was due to his sickness that the memorandum agreement between the opposition common candidate and the political and civil organizations was postponed. 
Due to this sickness he usually took treatment from the Nawaloka private hospital. The hospital medical team was well aware of Ven. Sobitha’s sicknesses. Following the treatment he was able to involve in religious and social activities. 
However the stakeholders who suspect these doubtful events stress these unfortunate period started in September 2015. 
Entering to the National Hospital
Following a complain of a severe back pain Ven. Sobitha was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital in September and he was received by Dr. Anil Jayasinghe. Subsequently following his advice Ven. Sobitha was forwarded to a neuro-specialist Dr. Padma Gunasekara. Following the diagnostic it was confirmed that there was no neurology sickness to Ven. Sobitha and later produced him to a heart specialist named Dr. Shantharaj. Dr. chaminda too have diagnosed Ven. Sobitha. Following the diagnostic tests it was decided to subject him to a heart surgery. 
At the Asiri Central private hospital 
Discharging from the national hospital Ven. Sobitha was admitted to the Asiri Central Hospital on around 23rd of September. Following the admission it was diagnosed that two surgeries have to be done. One is a bypass surgery and the other one is to fix a valve leading from the left atrium to the left ventricle.
The surgery was conducted under the recommendation of Dr. Shantharaj led by an accepted medical team consisting heart specialist Dr. Ajith Karunaratha, anesthesia specialist Dr. Krishantha Mendia and renal specialist Dr. Rushika Lanarol. Following the surgery Ven. Sobitha was discharged. Parties who suspects his death questions there are doubtful events during that process which has to be clarified. 
Why Ven. Sobitha was not taken to a foreign hospital during the first instance?
There are very basic questions. Why he was not entered to the Nawaloka hospital where he was already taking treatment? Why he was not given the opportunity to choose the doctors whom he knew first and who knew his previous medical history? Is there a valid reason to admit him to the Asiri Central Hospital but to Nawaloka? 
Besides that, taking consideration of his other ailments and his age why he was not prescribed alternate medications but a surgery? If there is a major surgery to be conducted why he was not forwarded to a foreign hospital? 
Before the operation was any other medical therapies recommended?
Dr. Carlo Fonseka stressed to the media and said the fate would have been changed if the doctors would have suggested any alternate medical therapy or treatment before an operation. Internal government sources have given their attention for his statement.
News reaching us confirms that there are elements who take ad hoc decisions to gain a political advantage. 
However following the surgery, although he should be kept under medical observations in a post surgery period nothing as such has happened. 
Neville Fernando Private Hospital
Information exposed that Ven. Sobitha was discharged early before the due date. Another source of information revealed that Ven. Sobitha himself discharged from the hospital and admitted to the Neville Fernando hospital located in Malabe. He was admitted to the Neville Fernando hospital on the invitation by Dr. Neville Fernando. 
During this period there are doubtful events leading to his death.
Another source questions what are the treatments given to him at the Neville Fernando Hospital? Who gave medical recommendations? These are important because following the treatment at the Neville Fernando Hospital Ven. Sobitha’s health was further deteriorated. 
Back to the Asiri Central Hospital 
Around on or before October 26th Ven. Sobitha was once again admitted to the Asiri Central Private Hospital. Doctors diagnosed said Ven. Sobitha was affected by pneumonia. Dr. Sivakumar, Dr. Prasad Katulanda, Dr. Priyankara Jayawardana and Dr. Upul Gunasekara treated him at the Asiri Central. Since his health was getting deteriorated medical instructions was sorted to enter him to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. 
In Singapore
November 4th morning he was departed to Singapore. He was taken to Singapore in a special aircraft meant to carry patients. He was taken over by a specialist Dr. Das with a nurse and besides that Dr. Prasad Katulanda and Dr. Upul Gunasekara accompanied Ven. Sobitha to Singapore. 
According to reports reaching us during the time one of his lungs were already malfunctioned and other one was in a critical condition. On the 4th morning at 7.30 he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Mount Elizabeth hospital and a world famous doctor for heart surgery Dr. Shivadasan, renal, diabetes and neuro specialists has treated him. 
The ironic point to note is that Dr. Shivadasan who is a world famous heart specialist, is a doctor who able to escape and save his life from the majority racists in 1983 communal riots. However it is a reality that the whole team has tried hard to save Ven. Sobitha’s life but failed.
The invention of the President and the Speaker
When the speaker informed the President about the falling health of Ven. Sobitha, the president has told the speaker to make arrangements to send Ven. Sobitha to anywhere in the world and get him cured. The President has said that the required money would be borne by the President’s fund. 
The Prime Minister too has agreed but however until the sickness became worse no arrangements were done. According to these information’s demanding an inquiry to clarify the doubtful events of his death cannot be refused. 
No lack of treatment
When we inquired about this from Dr. Prasad Katugampola he said there was no lack of medication for Ven. Sobitha but due to the terrible effect of pneumonia is the cause for his death. He said that he vehemently condemns statements which underestimate the reputation of our doctors. The main student monk of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha, Ven. Udukulakande Ariyarathna refused to give any comments but said that he would not trust those talks.
We need answers for these!
The surgery conducted to Ven. Sobitha was it necessary? When the doctors said the surgery was successful and no side effects why he was suddenly inflicted with pneumonia?
Is it true that the diagnostic report of Ven, Sobitha which was in Asiri Central Hospital was dislocated?
Who gave instructions to discharge him at a time when he should be under a medical observation following a heart surgery?
Why he was removed from Asiri Central Hospital and taken to the Neville Fernando Hospital in Malabe?
If ven. Sobitha voluntarily took the decision didn’t there anybody to oppose?
What treatments were done to him at the Neville Fernando Hospital in Malabe and who are the doctors?
Was there any special medicines given?
Who was attending him at Neville Fernando Hospital?
Responsibility of the Good Governance
Everybody has the right to shrink from the usual inferiority anticipating that it was yet another Sri Lankan who died but it was Sobitha thero who stood up and spoke on behalf of human rights in the forum at a time when two people were shot dead for gathering in front of the Narahenpita Abayarama during the prohibition of the May Day rally in 1987.
There are so many instances Ven. Sobitha risked his life and taken part for the problems of the country.
In short at a time it was necessary to carry the baton for the wellbeing of the country and the people it was a model of our time monk who took the rosary and came to uphold the national unity.
Above all it was him who gave the key leadership command to end the brutal Rajapaksa administration and bring the Good Governance. Should we allow Ven. Sobitha to seek a similar fate as Ven. Soma thero?
It is the responsibility of the Good Governance to fulfill these doubts and expose what really happened?
(Sathanda – Sanyaja Leanage)
Translated by ali asghar
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