A Possible rugby ban due to the cheatings of Namal and Sujani,  Hemas defaulted
It is being revealed the foreign rugby players invited for the Carlton Seven Rugby Encounter held at Habaraduwa in 2014 has been brought violating the international sports law without obtaining a due insurance cover for the players. 
An insurance cover has been taken producing Fake documents have been exposed. Meantime Namal Rajapaksa has tried to default payment to the Hemas Southern Hospital in Galle which gave medical treatment for the players during the rugby encounter.
The organizers of the Carlton Rugby Sevens, is evading the payments due to the Hemas Hospital which gave a medical treatment worth Rs. 400,000 for the foreign players. 
Although this competition was jointly organized by the “Tharunyata Hetak” and “Ceylon Premier Sports” these companies has no legal capacity to organize such an international competition. The competition’s legal matters was organized illegally using the letter heads of the Sri Lanka Rugby Federation in which Namal Rajapaksa’s allege rugby trainer Asanga Senevirathna was the former chairman. Following that Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has made an insurance policy worth of Rs. 12 million for the insurance of the foreign players and submitted to the Sri Lanka Rugby Federation and requested to pay the amount before the completion. CSN organizers have surreptitiously avoided the payment to the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation and obtained treatment from the Hemas Southern Hospital for injured players by showing the insurance proposal as the valid insurance policy. 
Following the completion of the competition when the hospital produced the bills, the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation has refused to pay citing that Carlton Sports and the Sri Lanka Rugby Federation has not obtained the due insurance policy ( However Namal Baby has able to get the sponsorship of the Insurance corporation for this competition)
When the Hemas Hospital informed this to the Chief Finance officer of Ceylon Premiere Sports Company Sujani Bogollagama which organized the Carlton seven rugby competitions by an email to pay the medical charges of the hospital the latter has replied that they are prepared to pay the bills. However the Carlton Sports has not paid the bills up to now and Sujani too has got disappeared after January 8th. 
Sujani Bogollagama is the daughter of the late Janaka Bogollagama. The latter was the coordinator for the infamous “Krish deal” which Namal Rajapaksa was alleged taking a Rs. 40 million bribe. Besides that the latter is a close ally of Namal and a lawyer working at Namal’s law firm. 
The grave concern of this competition is that pulling the Sri Lanka Rugby Federation into this fraud which has the right to organize and bring international players to matches within Sri Lanka. 
The International Rugby Board allowed this competition with a prior condition of insuring the international players before the competition. According to the documents submitted, the Sri Lanka Rugby Federation has involved to organize the Carlton Rugby Seven competition with total awareness of Namal’s rugby trainer and he chairman of Sri Lanka Rugby Federation Asanga Senevirathna. However during the legal proceedings of this financial fraud there would be grave danger of a ban imposed against Sri Lanka Rugby Federation for bringing international players and indulging them in risk without due insurance. Meantime there is a group waiting to complain this to the international Rugby Federation regarding this.
Due to the plundering and pillage activities of the Rajapaksa’s another hindrance would occur to Sri Lankan Rugby field similar to the insult we had baptizing the Fiji players as Sri Lankan players before. 
Hemas Hospital is going to take legal actions to acquire the financial loss against this fraud and planning to complain this to the Bribery and Corruption.
Await news : How the Rajapaksa sons made the Fiji national rugby players resident of Puttalam ?
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