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Sagala gets closer to Gotabhaya

Youth affairs minister Sagala Ratnayake has become concerned after we published an article which said he was unhappy over the appointment of Akila Viraj Kariyawasam as general secretary of the UNP, reports say. These days, he is trying to find out the person who is leaking his information to the media.
In the meantime, more details are emerging about his differences with the party leader. Ratnayake had been eyeing a deputy leader position and had been asking Ranil Wickremesinghe about it.
Now, he is strengthening his ties with former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. That first came to light when he was the law and order minister. He is now openly dealing with Gotabhaya. Ratnayake was the main reason for the failure of the government to investigate accusations against Rajapaksa.
His brother Kavan employs a considerable number of relatives of Gotabhaya. Ratnayake is trying to convince Wickremesinghe and other top UNP leaders about his close links with Gotabhaya. He is saying that he prevented legal action against Gotabhaya and other Rajapaksas. He is also saying that the situation is such now that discussions could take place with Gotabhaya with an open mind.
Through all these, he is trying to prick Wickremesinghe and also gain further confidence in him by the Rajapaksas.

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