Should’ve Told If Lavatories Needed Too – Bizarre Talks of Government Officials!

Should’ve Told If Lavatories Needed Too – Bizarre Talks of Government Officials!

18 September 2018 12:23 pm

The Sri Lanka Railway Department recently imported Railway Compartments to the department. Usually in importing Railway Compartments it is the comfort of passengers most prioritised, and importing compartments with lavatory facilities is the usual practice.

Because the train is the transportation service method most used for longer journeys. It is the responsibility of the Railway Department to facilitate these services for sanitation.

However, none of the compartments imported this time is of lavatory facilities. For that matter, the fundamental needs of the railway passengers have not even been taken into consideration.

Questioning the relevant authorities in regard to the case, they said that if compartments with lavatory facilities are needed the specification documents should have been detailed with the specific requirement. They said that the specification documents relevant to the compartments did not mention of such requirement.

‘If the compartments are needed with the lavatories, it should’ve been mentioned in the specification. Otherwise how can we import railway compartments with lavatories?’, answer by the authorities.

Needless to say, that the compartments should be imported with adjacent lavatory facilities. If these Railway Department authorities have travelled for about seven to eight hours in a train at the least, the need of lavatory facilities adjacent to the compartment would obviously be understood. For our presumption, either these officials have never set foot in a train for travelling purposes, or urgent needs occur on ordinary people do not occur on these officials at all.

A similar case was reported during the time of war. Several helicopters necessary for the Defence Units were imported, and all were turned into unusable machinery during rain. When the authorities involved in importing these helicopters were questioned, a rather amusing response had been received.

‘We’re not told to import rainproof helicopters. So if they’re needed it should’ve been mentioned in the specifications.’

These authorities response in a manner, as if a child justifies a mistake caused by his hands when he is being sent to buy something from a shop.

Nevertheless, the truth to these circumstances is that in filling needs of the country these authorities prioritise the sum of money falls into their pockets. What they prioritise over important deliberations, such as how important the purchase is to the people, what would be the profit compared to the spending, or for how long they can be accessed, are what would be the country or the company the commissions most received from.

If their pocket is being filled, not only our authorities will to import any can of garbage into the country, they also master in constructing justification to their acts as well.