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I stole evidence from my file – former ministry secretary says

It has been reported that former Highways Ministry Secretary R.W.R. Premasiri stated he misplaced the evidence of the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) investigation against him with the support of his acquaintances.

He had been accused of allegedly misappropriating a sum of Rs 28,000 million from a loan obtained from National Savings Bank for construction and repair of roads when he served as the Highways Ministry Secretary, and the FCID had launched an investigation into the allegations. He had further been accused of giving a portion of this loan to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for his election campaigns during the latter part of 2014.

However, it has been reported that testimonies of 60 people had been removed from the report sent to the Attorney General after the investigations.

“I got a group of my guys steal the evidence from my report,” R.W.R. Premasiri had told his acquaintances.

In addition, he had stated “Their special high courts! They can set up 100 of those, we will do our work anyways.”

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