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Asian Games ends with broken dreams!

The 18th Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia ends today.


 China won a total of 286 medals, including 131 gold medals, 90 silver medals and 65 bronze medals.

 Japan won the second place and won a total of 200 medals including 72 gold medals, 54 silver medals and 68 bronze medals. South Korea ranked three with 173 medals; they won 48 gold medals, 57 silver medals and 68 bronze medals.

 Indonesia ranked fourth, and Uzbekistan and Iran won fifth and sixth places respectively. India won the eighth place.

 However, none of the athletes representing Sri Lanka was able to win medals at this year’s Asian Games. Athletes had several times told the media about weaknesses in administration.

 Swimmers, athletes and judo players, who had shown exceptional talents, were not able to achieve their targets.

 However, the Sri Lankan rugby team displayed a great talent and won the fourth place at seven-member rugby tournament.

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