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World Cup to Sri Lanka

The Trophy, offered to the champions of the ICC World Cup One Day Series, scheduled to be held in England in 2019, has been brought to Sri Lanka these days.
The trophy has been brought to our country as one step of its touring schedule around the world prior to the Championship.
The World Cup tour was commenced in August 27, and is set on schedule for touring around 21 countries across 05 continents. The tour supposedly will cover 60 cities around the world.
The 2019 World Cup will begin in May 30 next year in England, and 10 countries have been qualified for participation. The touring World Cup will be awarded to its rightful owners on the following July 14, at Loads.
The World Cup tour, commenced from United Arab Emirates, travelled through Oman, UAE, Barbados and Jamaica of the West Indies to Sri Lanka, will be travelling to New Zealand, Australia through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal of the South Asian region. After, it will be travelling to England, through South Africa, Kenya, Ruanda, Nigeria, France, Belgium and Netherlands.
The Cup delivered to Sri Lanka yesterday (21) will be brought to Galle and Hikkaduwa on September 24-27. 
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