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Who’re the Cricket Champions of Asia ? Decision Today

The grand finals of the 2018 Asia cup will be held in Dubai Stadium of United Arab Emirates today (28). India with Bangladesh is selected for the final.
Keeping with the Grand Slams of the Super Four, India has been ranked first to competing the final, and both Pakistan and Bangladesh were of equal importance to the final rounds of the Super Four, held the day before yesterday; because they were able to win the match and place for the grand final. Bangladesh, who won over Pakistan, made their place in the final, and this is the third time of them being selected for the final. The significance of it is, that they won these three opportunities during the last 04 tournaments.
Some of the best players of the Indian team did not participate in the India-Afghan match, which turned out to be tie, and they will be back in the match today. Bangladesh’s opening batsman Tamim Iqbal was injured during the first match of the tournament, and the major all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan suffers from an injury too. Therefore, Bangladesh team’s batting has been turned somewhat down, and the only reliable batsman of the present team is the former Captain Mushfikar.
India-Pakistan Final match to be missed again
It is significant to witness that the Asian Championship, which holds a history of 34 years, running 14 matches, is still not yet being played between India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan during 80s – 90s did not take part in the Asian Championship due to political crisis, however, after the 90s both took part in it. Nevertheless, the likeliness to be mostly Sri Lanka with India, or Pakistan for being selected for the finals.
For the downfall Sri Lanka befell upon during the tournament fans have had huge hope in witnessing an Indi-Pakistan match, but the hope was again lost towards Pakistan losing to Bangladesh.  

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