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New measures from SLC against black market tickets!

Selling overpriced tickets at cricket stadiums during international cricket matches in Sri Lanka has become a huge racket. What actually happens here is selling previously-purchased tickets at exorbitant rates near the stadium on the day of the match.
The racketeers are targeting spectators who come to purchase tickets at the stadium. Cricket fans’ only hope is watching the match, even by paying more for tickets. Therefore they become victims of these racketeers who often charge double for tickets.
England team’s tour in Sri Lanka has begun. People who visit Sri Lanka Cricket can only purchase two tickets for limited over matches between the two countries, and that too, requires their NIC. Some spectators claim that it’s unfair since most cricket fans prefer to watch matches as groups and they have not been informed of issuing only two tickets per person.
We inquired about this from Sri Lanka Cricket. A spokesperson stated that the above decision is valid only for 20/20 matches. He went on to say that certain organized racketeers purchase more tickets to sell them at higher rates on the day of the match, and this decision was taken to put an end to that racket.
Tickets can only be purchased by presenting the NIC, and no person other than the owner of the NIC can enter the stadium with the purchased tickets. The spokesperson further said that special measures have been taken at the entrances for this purpose.
The practicality of this measure is problematic. NICs must also be checked at the entrances while checking the tickets; its practicality must be evaluated. On the other hand, since this racket is supported by certain senior officers and employees of the institution, believing that this racket can be stopped by limiting the number of tickets purchased by ordinary cricket fans, is fruitless.

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