Fonseka-Jayasuriya begin their own battle


Ex-chief of the Army, minister Sarath Fonseka says he is prepared to give evidence at an investigation against former Army commander Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya who faces war crimes accusations. Fonseka says he has information with regard to the crimes Jayasuriya had committed as the Wanni commander during the final war.


Meanwhile, Jayasuriya says he had not performed any operational duties during the final stages of the war. He says he has written evidence to prove that he was removed from such duties by Fonseka.

Jayasuriya, the former ambassador to Brazil, is now back in the country. In a war crimes case filed against him, a South American human rights group says he is responsible for war crimes during the final war. Jayasuriya says he was not aware of the court case against him until he returned home.

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