Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Fuel racket during last Festive Season revealed! (VIDEO)

The severe fuel shortage occurred during April 11 – 18 was orchestrated in a move to smuggle fuel, divulged Ceylon Petroleum Private Tanker Owners Association.

Speaking to a briefing today (04) Union Co-Secretary Shantha Silva said there had been a racket during the last Festive Season where about 400,000 litres of fuel were being diverted from fuel stations to fraudulent companies.

These stocks were to be distributed to 50 – 60 regular filling stations and had the stocks been properly dispatched, the people may have never been driven into inconvenience as evident during the season, he noted.

Silva also stressed that 250 – 300 fuel tankers were reported to be in service on an average day, but the figure has dropped to 100 – 150 due to a decline in the number of orders. This was mainly due to the reduction in the quantity issued by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CEYPETCO), despite orders being made from filling stations as required, he added.

Such a decision could be carried out due to the shortage of fuel stocks in the country, the Union Co-Secretary Silva went on, adding that accordingly, fuel dispatched to tankers has dropped by 50 – 60 per cent.

In the difficulty in locating dollars to import fuel, the import of fertiliser costs around US $600 million per year and the import of fuel US $500 million per month, as discussed during the discussions with the Prime Minister, he further noted.


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