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Grenade in Church: Our Police very talented. Covered-up crimes have political influence, says AKD

Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the National People’s Power (NPP) MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake speaking to a rally held in Kadawatha today (15) emphasised that the country is being dragged into a state of devastation in the exchange of political power.

The MP made this observation in correspondence to the grenade recently discovered in the All Saints Church in Borella.

Things that are ‘not supposed to happen’ are happening for the sole purpose of power, he noted.

“We are being dragged into a state of great devastation for the exchange of political power in this country. Things that are not supposed to happen are happening for the purpose of gaining power, and even after. Today marks the 1000th day since the Easter Attack and neither the prime suspects, nor the masterminds introduced by themselves earlier had been disclosed yet. Today, a great doubt has been created in the Society to the point where people suspect whether this was committed in the form of a conspiracy to gain power. You may have seen the incident of the discovery of a grenade in Borella about two days ago. The Police arrest the person who was working as the cleaning of that church for so long. But he was not the person who saw the bomb. I saw that the Cardinal showing CCTV footage said that the person who brought the grenade in arrived in the church in the morning. Closer pictures of him were also shown.

Are the Police that naive? No. Our Police in general have a very good smell for crime. There can be headlines all over about infamous events, mass crimes and controversial events and in a matter of a day or two they are uncovered. But there are crimes in our country that are buried deep; crimes that were covered up. All of these buried cases were under political shelter. That is the truth.

Looking at this incident at the Church, the Police are not that naive. Rightly put, the Police should have traced the CCTV footage of a week earlier. But the ones from the morning were not checked. Does that not create suspicion? Therefore, I wanted to show you how destructive the politics of our country can be,” he said.


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