Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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South Korea opens more employment avenues for Sri Lankans

The South Korean Government will support to promote employment generation, vocational training and investment opportunities, said Park Byeong-Seug, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Korea. 

He made these remarks when he met President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the Presidential Secretariat on Thursday (20).Park Byeong-Seug is the Speaker of the 21st National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. 

There is ample scope for investment opportunities in Sri Lanka due to its strategic location in the region, the President said and requested Park Geung-seog to encourage leading Korean companies to explore investment opportunities. 

Nearly 22,000 Sri Lankans are employed in South Korea and they are happily contributing to the workforce and they have remitted  around US$ 520 million to Sri Lanka from Korea. 

The Korean government and the Korean Embassy highly value the significant role of Sri Lankan migrant workers and their precious contribution. The migrant workers bridge both countries in many ways, as they continue to contribute to the economic development of Korea and Sri Lanka. 

Geung-seog told the President that steps would be taken to fulfill the request made to increase the quota provided for employment for Sri Lankans in South Korea. 

The South Korean Speaker also agreed to provide assistance to enhance vocational training opportunities in Sri Lanka and further stated that he would be willing to provide assistance to meet the present needs of the country. 

The Korean Ambassador to Sri Lanka Woonjin Jeong assured the Foreign Minister that the facilities required for the Sri Lankan youth who are eligible for employment in Korea to travel to Korea will be provided shortly. 

He was speaking at a discussion on the delays faced by young people who are eligible for jobs in Korea, chaired by the Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the Foreign Ministry recently

 The Korean Ambassador to Sri Lanka explained the position of the Korean Government and stated that it has been planned to provide employment opportunities in Korea to all those who are eligible for employment in Korea. 

He said there is a delay in providing those opportunities due to the COVID pandemic; however assured that he is focused on sending them to Korea at the earliest available opportunity.  

He also stated that the Korean government is planning to assist in the development of the agricultural sector in Sri Lanka.The discussions also focused on several matters including increase of employment opportunities for Sri Lankan youth in Korea and enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries.

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