Monday, October 3, 2022

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I became the Litro chairman for an hour and solved the country’s gas problem completely – Renuka (VIDEO)

Renuka Perera, the new Chairman of Milco, the Managing Secretary of the SLPP, says that he was able to solve the gas problem in the country within an hour of assuming the post of Chairman of Litro.

Q. Now you have been in several government agencies. How long can you stay here?

“Let’s do the right thing as long as we can. You are asking about the appointment of Litro, right? As I recall, His Excellency the President had inquired on the 3rd of January at a time when there was a major crisis over gas in the country, and. He asked if it is not possible to take over this institution. While that was going on, the President had planned to oversee the Litro Company. However, after he supervised, he spoke to me in a very friendly manner and told me that this company only has to fill the cylinders with gas coming from the ship and send it to the market. He said, I can do more than that, so he suggested Milco would be a good fit. The plan is to increase milk production in our country. That is how this change took place. But I am happy that the media reports that I am the ‘chairman of an hour’ – but with my appointment, during that hour the gas problem in the country has completely disappeared ”

Renuka Perera was speaking to the media after assuming duties as the Chairman of Milco yesterday (21).

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