Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Education Ministry Announces Conclusion of Phase 2 of first school term

In an official statement released by the Education Ministry, it has been confirmed that Phase 2 of the first term in schools is set to conclude on Friday, May 26. The ministry has also announced that Phase 3 is scheduled to commence on June 12, allowing students and educators to transition into the next stage of the academic year.

With the school year progressing steadily, students and their parents are preparing for the upcoming 2022 General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O/L) examination. The Ministry of Education has declared that this year’s GCE O/L exam will take place from May 29 to June 08, providing a ten-day window for students to showcase their knowledge and skills.

The GCE O/L exam is a significant milestone in the education system, as it determines the academic progress and future paths for many students. This highly anticipated examination evaluates students’ understanding and proficiency in various subjects, offering them a chance to secure favorable results that can shape their future educational and career prospects.

Preparations for the GCE O/L exam have been underway for several months, with students diligently studying and revising their subjects. Teachers and educational institutions have also been providing guidance and support to ensure students are well-prepared for the challenging assessments.

The Education Ministry emphasizes the importance of proper exam preparation and encourages students to utilize the remaining time effectively. It advises students to focus on revising key concepts, practicing past papers, and seeking assistance from teachers when needed.

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