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Dept of Agriculture to recommend cultivation of MD 2 Pineapple Variety in SL

April 16, Colombo (LNW): The Agriculture Department is poised to issue crucial recommendations for the cultivation of the MD 2 pineapple variety, renowned globally for its exceptional sweetness, in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has potential to produce some of the world’s most delicious pineapples, making it possible to generate a substantial demand for locally grown pineapples in the global market, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amraraweera disclosed.

Despite the high demand for the MD 2 pineapple variety worldwide, efforts to cultivate it within Sri Lanka have been lacking.

Successful research endeavours aiming to cultivate this pineapple variety, characterised by its sweet taste and low acidity, have been conducted in the country, he noted.

In light of these advancements, Amaraweera instructed the Agriculture Department to expedite the process of recommending the MD 2 pineapple variety for cultivation in Sri Lanka, following the directives of the Crop Release Committee.

Furthermore, the Agriculture Minister underscored the success of research initiatives conducted under the government’s Agriculture Sector Modernisation Programme, affirming farmers’ keen interest in cultivating the MD 2 pineapple variety in Sri Lanka.

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