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Iranian President’s visit to SL to inaugurate Uma Oya Project, signals diplomatic milestone

April 16, Colombo (LNW): Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s upcoming visit to Sri Lanka in May is poised to mark a significant milestone, as he is set to inaugurate the Uma Oya Multipurpose project, foreign media reports claimed.

The Uma Oya project encompasses the construction of two dams, Dyraaba and Puhulpola, along with a 25-kilometre water transmission tunnel and two hydroelectric power plants, each boasting a capacity of 60 megawatts.

Considered a monumental engineering feat, the Uma Oya multipurpose project represents a pinnacle achievement for Iranian companies operating in Sri Lanka.

The project’s objectives are multifaceted, aiming to enhance irrigation across 5,000 acres of agricultural land, facilitate the transfer of 145 million cubic metres of water annually, and generate 290 GW/h of power.

It is noteworthy that the project’s intricate and diversified components underscores its complexity and scale.

Furthermore, it stands as one of the largest endeavours undertaken by Iranian contractors on foreign soil.

This forthcoming event follows a significant diplomatic exchange between Sri Lanka and Iran in August 2023, during which Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Ali Sabry visited Tehran and engaged in discussions with his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

Abdollahian characterised the visit as a “turning point” in Iran-Sri Lanka relations during a joint press conference, highlighting the significance of bilateral ties between the two nations.

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