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The Try Made To Place The Asia President Is Becoming A Penalty Try

May 05, Colombo (LNW): The Asia President and the Sri Lankans who have been sleeping in his arms for years, with the blessings of politicians like Namal Rajapaksa and Roshan Ranasinghe, to manipulate the Sri Lanka Rugby administration under their own interests, depriving them of their independence, strategically, the Asia President was able to fulfill the need to place the rugby of his country, which has a history of 12 years, above the rugby of Sri Lanka, which has a history of about 145 years. The Sri Lanka Rugby team, which easily won the rugby championship in the Asia A division, was able to demonstrate not only to Asia but to the world, the injustice done to a team of players possessing such skill in the game of rugby, despite facing obstacles and influences on the field. We have decided to leave this note on the current situation until a separate note is made regarding this matter.

In the final game, the Sri Lankan rugby players, who responded strongly to the team that insulted Sri Lankan rugby, including the Asia President, The Sri Lanka rugby players defeated Kazakhstan of 45-7. On the other hand, it is being reported that a complaint is being sent to the Asia President from Sri Lanka to come to the International Court of Justice. Following the resignation of Rizly Illiyas, who is the basis of this note, with the desire to remove Sri Lanka Rugby from the pressure on his base, the team of Rugby officials under his leadership is currently gathering people who have left Sri Lanka Rugby due to the illegal incident, as per the wishes of the Asia President. If behaved, it does not seem that the fight against the independence of the country’s rugger will be carried forward.

In that way, regardless of the obstacles faced by Sri Lanka Rugby, while the leaders of the current administration, who do not know what they are doing under the leadership of their rugby ,who are pampering themselves with the Asian president, it is reported that Rizly Illyas is preparing to approach the International Court of Justice against the activities of the Asia President, his reputation and the damage he has done to Sri Lanka Rugby.

Also, while Namal Rajapakse and Roshan Ranasinghe of Sri Lanka are trying to make the sport their property, Harin Fernando has assigned the responsibility of all 73 registered sports to the Director General of the Sports Development Department, taking into consideration the long-standing allegations that the involvement of the political representative of the sport is unethical.

Thus, based on the activities done so far in the Sri Lanka Rugby, especially the people responsible for the £50,000 imposed by the World Rugby , the necessary facts to deal with the violation of the immigration law by the sports administration and the law so that the people who are responsible for the 50000 pounds imposed by the World Rugby can no longer interfere in the rugby in Sri Lanka. A group is also preparing to submit the statement to the court.

It is also reported that the Acting President, who currently appears as the Rugby President, behaves like this in front of the socity, but is slowly avoiding making decisions in legal and accounting matters. Also, accusations are being made through other legal matters regarding making decisions without considering the agreements, contracts and ethical issues that should be in dealings with commercial institutions. Meanwhile, Rizly has also tried to settle the credit status of Sri Lanka Rugby who were burdened with debt through several administrations to some extent. There is no clarity about its status, and that a group of rugby fans hope to implement a program to find out the facts under the sports law as well as under the law of the country and under the Freedom of Information Act.

Somehow, at the same moment Sri Lanka is getting answers to the influence and coercion done by the Asia President. LNW is grateful to the Sri Lanka team who brought the answer that showed a numerical value.

We congratulate the former president of Sri Lanka, who was unable to prove that he committed an offense under the sports law or under the general law of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Rugby administration, who have been so ungrateful to forget the injustice done to them by the president who has led them and have collectively forgotten the injustice done to them by Asia, should give an answer to the Asia President, that justice be done.

The try (TRY) which nature and justice made to illegally place the Asia President with his allies against Sri Lanka is now approaching the time to become a PENALTY TRY. Winning wrongly destroys the ethics and fairness of the game. We think it is our responsibility to oppose it..

*Adapted from original article, “ආසියානු සභාපති තබන්නට හැදූ TRY, PENALTY TRY වෙමින් ඇත.” by Nishman Ranasinghe published on 05.05.2024.

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