Saturday, March 25, 2023

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Another EC member receives death threats

M.M. Mohammed, a member of the Election Commission, has reportedly received death threats to resign from his post.

Reports on Mohammed being threatened surface following early reports of death threats on several other members of the Election Commission amidst the growing heat in the political arena for the upcoming Local Government Election, which is said to be held on March 09, 2023.

Previously, it was reported that P.M.S. Charles, a member of the Election Commission, tendered her resignation to President Wickremesinghe citing what she described as death threats posed over the phone. However, her letter of resignation was later denied.

According to latest reports, a spokesman of the Commission revealed that Mr. Mohammed was threatened by an unknown party over the phone as well. Mohammed has complained to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in this regard as well.

Critics go on speculating that the government is in a shameless attempt to postpone the holding of the Local Government polls due to the fear of being exposed that their mandate has lost, whilst parties of the Opposition, and quite visibly the public, demand democracy by allowing the people to vote.


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